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Natural Therapies

A Holistic Approach

Treating the Cause

Modern medicine leaves questions unanswered...

Chasing your symptoms with medication after medication?

Feeling fragmented because specialists look at only one part?

Following standard protocols but still not feeling better?

Functional medicine searches for why

Functional medicine takes a holistic approach to modern medicine.  Rather than simply treating the symptoms, we seek to understand why those symptoms are there.  Then we use the most natural therapies possible to support the body's inherent ability to heal.

Root-Cause Focused

Functional medicine goes beyond symptom management.  We dig deeper to discover the underlying cause of illness.


Functional medicine is grounded in science.  We take into account each person's genetics, biochemistry, and lifestyle.

Results that Last

When we consider the person as a whole and address the underlying cause, you enjoy sustainable changes in your health.

About Functional Medicine

Conditions Treated

Functional medicine works best for chronic or relapsing conditions.  It also works well if you've been told that all your labs look fine but know something just isn't right...

Digestive problems and IBS

Autoimmune Disease

Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes

Heart Disease and Obesity

Brain Fog and Fatigue

Unexplained or worsening Symptoms

About Virtual Consults

Meet Functional Medicine Practitioner, Carolyn Teague.

I'm Carolyn Teague, MSN, RN, FNP-BC, IFM-CP.  I'm a Family Nurse Practitioner, with more than 20 years of experience in healthcare.  I've seen that there is a place for conventional medicine yet a need for more.

After my personal health journey led me to explore functional medicine, I became convinced that I needed to share this approach with others.  My goal is to help you find peace in knowing the real cause of your condition and hope in the possibilities for better health.

About Carolyn

"The best approach to healthcare combines science with compassion."

- Nurse Practitioner, Carolyn Teague

Reviews from Patients Just Like You...

"My exhaustion/energy is greatly improved. I feel like I am in my 40's and not in my late 50's!

Carolyn is a wonderful, caring practitioner. I was suffering from continuous exhaustion despite optimizing diet, exercise and alternative over the counter treatments. Carolyn was able to diagnose my hormonal imbalances after gaining a detailed medical/personal history and a few tests. She suggested easy dietary changes and used bio identical hormones to treat my imbalance.  My exhaustion/energy is greatly improved. I feel like I am in my 40's and not in my late 50's!"

- L.A.

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Poor health over the years adds up to rising prescription costs, wasted time at doctor visits, and loss of the joy in life.

Invest in your health today so you can enjoy a healthier life tomorrow.

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