Functional Medicine

A Science-Backed Holistic Approach

A New Approach to Medicine

Most of us are comfortable and familiar with the medical model
that prescribes a medication for a diagnosis.

Unfortunately, that model doesn’t work for all conditions or all people.

Functional medicine takes a different approach.

We look at how all of the body systems interact and work together. We evaluate biochemical patterns and imbalances. We dig deep to find the underlying cause.

Functional medicine works because it is focused on the root cause.

Functional medicine is also a collaborative approach that depends on active participation from YOU to heal.

Root-Cause Medicine

When you take a pill to treat a symptom, the relief is usually temporary. Many times one medication will lead to other problems and other medications. When we search for and treat the root cause of illness, we are able to help the body truly heal. That means you feel better and STAY better.

Holistic Approach

The modern medical model relies on specialists to treat different parts of the body. That can lead to confusion and fragmented care. Functional medicine looks at the body as a whole. This holistic approach means that we can make sense of how all of your symptoms relate. It eliminates confusion and gives you peace of mind.

Collaborative Care

The modern medical model can leave people feeling unheard and misunderstood. Functional medicine takes a collaborative approach that includes YOU in the process. It’s individualized and personal. When you participate in your own healing journey, you’ll feel more fulfilled in all areas of life.

Therapies Used in Functional Medicine

Functional medicine is truly an integrative approach. When we need to prescribe medications, we do. However, we aim to use the most gentle and natural therapies whenever possible.

Comprehensive Laboratory Testing

Prescription Medications

Nutritional Supplements

Herbal Remedies

Personalized Nutrition and Diet

Movement and Exercise

Meditation or Yoga or Relaxation Techniques

Individualized Lifestyle Changes

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