Virtual Consults

Functional Medicine Care ONline

About Virtual Consults

A virtual consult is an online or telephone meeting with functional nurse practitioner, Carolyn Teague.

We use a secure video chat software to be sure to keep your information confidential.

Carolyn is not able to conduct a physical exam during a virtual consult, which is one of the reasons she cannot serve as your primary care provider. You must continue to see your primary care provider and any specialists who are currently monitoring your care.

As a functional nurse practitioner, Carolyn is able to order laboratory testing and prescribe some medications. She can also make recommendations for dietary supplements, nutrition, and
lifestyle changes.

Who’s a Good Fit

Functional medicine virtual consults are ideal for anybody who is looking for a new approach to their healthcare. If you have a chronic or relapsing condition, functional medicine can help. If you have vague or unusual symptoms that your doctor cannot figure out, functional medicine can help.

Benefits of Virtual Consults

Virtual consults are extremely convenient. All you need is your computer or phone and a quiet room. Daytime or evenings appointments are available. Virtual consults are an easy way to gain valuable insights into your health and professional guidance on how functional medicine can help you feel better.

How it Works

We can talk via phone or online. If we meet online, we use a secure software for video chats. After you book your appointment, you’ll receive an email that includes a link to join the online meeting. On the day and time of your appointment, simply click that link.

What to Expect


Comprehensive Consult

Your first appointment will be 90 minutes. We review your health history and focus on your complete symptom picture.


Functional Medicine Testing

Your second appointment will be 45 minutes. Carolyn will order any appropriate lab tests and give you preliminary treatment recommendations.


Personalized Protocol

After we receive the results of your lab tests, Carolyn will review the findings with you and personalize your treatment plan.

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Reviews from Patients Just Like You...

"My exhaustion/energy is greatly improved. I feel like I am in my 40's and not in my late 50's!

Carolyn is a wonderful, caring practitioner. I was suffering from continuous exhaustion despite optimizing diet, exercise and alternative over the counter treatments. Carolyn was able to diagnose my hormonal imbalances after gaining a detailed medical/personal history and a few tests. She suggested easy dietary changes and used bio identical hormones to treat my imbalance.  My exhaustion/energy is greatly improved. I feel like I am in my 40's and not in my late 50's!"

- L. Armstrong

Pricing for Initial Care

All initial consults are 90 minutes, and are offered for $675.  Follow up treatment and care (30 or 45 min appointments) will be offered as needed.

As each patient's needs will be unique, customized long-term treatment packages are available.  Additional fees apply to laboratory testing and nutritional supplement purchases.

How to Get Started


Book Appointment

Book your initial 90-minute consultation in the online patient portal.


Receive Confirmation

Receive an email confirmation with all the info you need to get started.


Embrace New Possibilities

Meet with Carolyn for your virtual consult and find hope in a new approach to health.

Poor health over the years adds up to rising prescription costs, wasted time at doctor visits, and loss of the joy in life.

Invest in your health today so you can enjoy a healthier life tomorrow.

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